we are proud of
what we have done
and curious of
what can be done

what we offer

This is roughly what we offer in a very distinct way.

Shape your idea

We are connecting a link between your idea and innovations in an embedded way to accomplish your need.

Build your application

We focus on stress-free embedded system development. We use best-of-breed development processes to deliver quality project to your organization.

Improve your application

Once your product launches, we'll continue to build features and support the application as necessary.

Constatant Communication

When you work with Smart Logic, you have direct access to the coders and developers working on your project. There’s no middleman; you always talk with the embedded system developers who best understand your project.


Our product research is looking at what products will be possible using available or near-future technology & helps us identify aspects that matter to customers need and design.

High-Levels of Organization

Whether creating hardware, software or any kind of embedded system, our team of developers and designers is highly-organized, ensuring you have a transparent view of exactly where your project stands at all times.

Good Planning

Before we begin an iteration of work we ensure we have thoroughly defined the work we'll complete, leading to better, more effective embedded system for you.

Industrial Products

We make reliable, long lasting, efficient and customer oriented products as per customer's customization.

Contact Us

We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.

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